18% of 65 year olds forced to
work beyond retirement

Wednesday 22nd April 2009

Speaking to future retirees in a recent survey, price comparison site uSwitch.com discovered that 10% of 55-65 year olds felt they did not have the finances toRetirement retire at 65.

Hindered by the increasing reductions in interest rates and pension funds, more than 18% of over 65 year olds revealed that they planned to continue working beyond retirement to help finance them in later life.

A discovery that truly puts into perspective the rising retirement crisis.

Is there an alternative solution?

Whilst many retirees are feeling the necessity to continue working well into retirement; there is a simpler route to achieving a secure future that could even allow you to retire early: property investment.

More than 1.7 million pensioners across the UK are already using property investment to help build up their pension fund by realising the equity growth within their properties. And you can do the same. The only difference will be, you will know where and when to invest.

How can property supplement your pension?

If you were one of those pensioners who had already invested, you may be finding that acquiring extra cash through the sale of your properties is now very difficult.

This obstacle can easily be overcome.

By resisting the desire to sell your properties and waiting for the property market to re-stabilise, you can sit back and watch as your property investments experience capital growth.

Alternatively, you can begin earning an instant positive cash flow of £500+ a month simply by turning your property investments into rental properties.

A task which at Property Mentor they can help you to achieve.

Structure your property investments for long term success

If you DO want to use property to help support your pension, then, choosing now to become a professional landlord could be more affordable than you think.

Working alongside the Property Mentor Finance Team , you will learn how to harness 8 investment strategies that will enable you to generate a strong passive income each and every month, whilst using little, if any, of your own money.

More importantly, during the free 2 hour taster session they can equip you with the tools, the strategies and the insight to begin investing in multiple properties across the UK that will allow you to retire when and where you want.

Interested in learning how property investment can offer you a financially secure future? Why not come along to the 2 hour taster session to find out more.

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