Read it here first – The 5 reasons why you can get instant free equity today with the help of the
falling UK house prices

Take just a second and read that again – because we have some incredible news about the housing market……

The price of housing is dropping!UK house prices crash

So, you are probably beginning to wonder how we could possibly feel this is good news. Well, we know that it is and this is why…

The more the UK house prices crash, the more opportunities you will find to invest – even become a property millionaire.

Just imagine for a minute that you have just invested in a property that is worth £100,000, but you only had to pay £80,000 to get it. You have just acquired £20,000 of instant equity completely free. And, you can then take this money and invest it straight into your next property.

So, by finding more bargains, you will see much more profit. Which is why now is in fact the perfect time to invest!

And now you are probably wondering why we would encourage anyone to invest in properties now – when recent figures imply that the market is going to fall even more by 24%. You would expect that as an investor, these numbers would eventually have a detrimental impact on your own profit.

Well, this just isn’t true.

You need to realize that many of the leading companies in property investment actually laid the foundations for their success in much the same market that we are seeing now, in 1989. They were able to manage it by researching and seeking out the best properties, then investing, investing….and investing some more.

And, you can easily do the same.

Take into account that everything is currently in your favour. The house prices are falling, rental yields are rising – so you can harness all of this and make the credit crunch your ally.

Take a look at the figures yourself. You can find an investment property bargain in the current market

All of the signs are indicating that the market is very much in your favour:

    1. The average price of a house in the UK has dropped by £4,000 – £14,200 from our peak about a year ago, which is a 6.1% drop (according to Nationwide).

    2. A similar decline has been reported by Rightmove, with prices dropping about 2% since last July.

    3. To put it simply, houses are just not selling. Estate agents have consistently seen an increase in the number of unsold properties over the past 6 months.

    4. Mortgage lenders have cut down the number of loans they will give by another 16,000. They only gave out 42,000 loans in May, compared to the 116,000 that they handed out last year at this time.

    5. It has been predicted by Global Insight that UK house prices will lose 24% of their value by 2009.

And, if all holds true, and Citisight is correct, then these falling house prices are set to go on over the next 2 years. This means that there are more property opportunities for you to jump in and take advantage of.

Everything is working in your favour! Let the credit crunch help you increase your monthly income by over £500!

Investment strategies 
Traditional buyers may be hindered by the mortgage problems – but not you. By taking advantage of the Property Mentors free 2 hour seminar, you have the opportunity to learn all of the important strategies you need to invest in properties – even in the market that we are currently faced with. Better yet, you can do all this without using any of your own money.

In the free seminar, you will learn how to:

    Strike No Money Down Deals – You can learn how to get 100% mortgages with no obligation to your own home. Banks love seeing collateral, and property is the best place to find it. All you need to do is prove the quality of your business plan, and they will hand you your loan on a silver platter.

    Set your properties up for long term success – You are going to be able to take advantage of the aggressive price cuts that are taking place, and really find a bargain. Some properties are selling at 40% below the asking price, which gives you instant equity to put into your next property.

    Bring in an extra £500-£1,000 per property each month – In just days from now, you could easily be well on your way to investing in your first property. And, with the rental yields continuing to rise, it is very possible to even beat this figure and bring your income up even further.

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