Are you interested in long term profits, passive income from £500-£1000 each month – and complete financial freedom from investing in UK properties?

Everything we read sounded way too good to be true – no financial risk whatsoever, up to £500-£1000 of profits in 30 days, and complete financial freedom after just the first four properties. We honestly thought that there was no way it could be done in such a short amount of time. So, we decided to put PropertyMentor’s claims to the test.

Let us show you the shocking results!

PropertyMentor has a commitment to providing the highest amount of valueCheck out for the next course in your area for their time, so they only allow 3-5 people at a time to attend their free 2-hour workshop.

We really had to agree that this level of close instruction really helped us to get our creative juices flowing – even more so when we found out that the seminar was being presented by their past delegates.

We were prepared to look for and find many flaws in their system – after all, we are connoisseurs of the property market and believe we have a very good understanding of what all is involved.

However, we were wrong! In those 2hours, they truly opened our eyes to possibilities for investment in the current market that even we weren’t aware of.

They also demonstrated that the credit crunch that we are facing can actually offer a potential investor a very credible future in property investing. In fact, it was made clear that now is the perfect time to begin investing in properties. If you would like to find out why – go now to Property Mentor official site

With their complete, step-by-step system, you can learn (among many other things):

    • How to best structure properties for long term success

    • Ways to get mortgages that below market value using “low money down” deals

    • How to find the best properties by simply clicking a button, while using their specialized property deal analyser and research software

    • You can actually receive a 100% tax free income

    • How to build skills that will make estate agents give you the properties that you want at the best price

    • How you can be financially free in just one year

    • The know-how you need to invest in property and purchase at 40% below their market value, even during the credit crisis

And so much more…..

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While all of that is incredible – there is more…

ProperyMentor was taken over by property millionaire Mathew Lachlan in 2006, and it has honestly surpassed any of our expectations through the simplicity and overall effectiveness of their system.

When you take into account that they only turned into a true educational body in 2004, you will be surprised to see what all they have managed to achieve in such a small amount of time:

    1600 successful delegates who have all created and maintained multi-million pound property portfolios within just a year of finishing the course

    Receiving recognition as an NVQ qualification

    Appearing on the BBC’s Money program in a full feature length

Below are what delegates think about this investment course:

More video testimonials

Impressive can’t even describe what we uncovered

Create a substantial 2nd incomeIt is very easy to see why 98.4% of the attendees believed their course to be “superb” and “outstanding” when you see results like these.

And, we have to agree – PropertyMentor is, by far, ahead of the rest when it comes to the amount of incredible knowledge they have packed into an easy to follow system. Not only that, but their offer is pretty amazing too.

PropertyMentor is normally priced at £300, but they are offering you the opportunity to learn everything you want to know about investing in properties – completely free! (Limited time)


You can forget the credit crunch. Having PropertyMentor at your side will help you to realize your investment dreams – today!

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