You can earn an extra £450 for doing nothing. Join the “let set” and let your future tenants pay
for your dream home

Recent surveys indicate that you can beat the plummeting housing market and still own your dream home. How can you do that? By letting your house and going into the rental market yourself.

Property Investment: London

This is a part of the latest craze coming out of the London propertyProperty investment London market and it looks like it has some staying power. You can see why, and if you have dreams of living in a house in the country, it is now very possible.

There really isn’t any way you can lose. You can keep a stake in the London property market by letting your apartment or home. What is even more incredible is the fact that you can pay for your new home in the country without any cost to yourself. In fact, you might even be able to make a profit off it as well.

In Surrey, the average cost to rent a four-bedroom house is £950. Then in London, you can easily charge over £1,400 a month to let your apartment – which brings you a £450 profit for nothing. What happens is that you are able to live in a larger and more spacious home in the country, for free – while holding on to your stake in the market in London.

It is so easy to harness the opportunities that are abounding in the market right now.

Investing in property now, more than ever, is the best decision. Up to 75% of tenants seek to extend their rental agreements, and even more are beginning to follow suit – meaning that you could very easily build a £1 million property portfolio with no financial risk to yourself whatsoever.

The best part is – you can make it happen today!

The reasons why people are deciding to rent

Just looking at the figures in London indicates that the number of people who are deciding to turn to rented living arrangements is set to go even higher:

    More flexibility with renting – it appeals to some people to not have to worry about any of the maintenance concerns, and they have an easy exit strategy. You then have a choice to sell your home if the market recovers, and move permanently into the country, or you can just stay as you are and keep making extra profit.

    • Due to the prices dropping by an average of £133 a day in London just since January of 2008, some people are making the decision to rent between sales and purchases.

    • It is 30-40% cheaper to rent than have a mortgage.

    • It is proving difficult for young working households to get on to the property ladder.

    • The private rental sector is an appealing and affordable market.

All you need is the right property

Right propertyWhen you look at figures like these, it is easy to understand why the number of applicants for renting property outside of London has risen by an astounding 33%. And now, it is possible for you to have a slice of the action too.

You just need the right property.

Property Mentor can help you to make this happen.

When you decide to attend their 2 hour seminar, you are able to learn some very valuable skills which you need to get into property investing – in just 2 hours.

In fact, some people have said it was the best 2 hours of their lives.

In the seminar, you will learn how to:

    Create a positive cashflow that will benefit any investments you make in the future.

    Avoid making the same mistakes that many other investors and estate agents have made. Following the right plan will help you build up the right properties in your portfolio and an affordable price.

    Build your property portfolio by using other people’s money. You can invest without any risk to your own finances by combining a 100% loan from your bank and the rent from your tenants.

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