Planning applications rise by 10%!


Sunday 5th April 2009

Property of the Week from Property Mentor Workshop
Property of the Week from Property Mentor Workshop
Area – Greater Manchester

Property type – Town House

Number of Bedrooms – 5

Length on Market – New Build

Valuation – £250,000

Bought – £175,000

Positive Cash Flow – £1,567 per Month

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According to a recent survey, tens of thousands of London homeowners are turning to home improvements in order to protect their properties against the recession.

Aware of property predictions that suggest property prices are going to fall by up to 30%, many homeowners are choosing to renovate their properties instead of sell.

In some cases owners are spending as much as £45,000 on their properties to give their families the space they so crave.

During 2008 more than 40,000 planning applications for loft, ground and basement extensions were submitted in London alone.

What has inspired this surge in property developments?

For many homeowners this sudden desire to improve their properties is rooted in their need for more space.

With mortgages becoming more inaccessible and only 8% of new builds being dedicated to families, more and more homeowners are recognising the potential of upgrading their current properties.

On top of generating additional space to help cope with their growing family, these property alterations can prove invaluable in increasing their properties net worth. As a result the number of families moving house over the last year has fallen to 25% – a drop of 50% from their peak 2 years ago.

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