Choosing a Property Mentor

If you have decided to venture into the world of property investments, then it is a wise idea to find yourself a property mentor. Not only will you save time, effort and money, you will also gain valuable insights along the way. You can come across several people in the world, who are willing to help novices with their baby steps in the field. All it takes is a little effort finding them.

How do you pick someone to be your property mentor? This is an exhaustive process, and should be conducted carefully in order to pick someone who you will be comfortable working with.

    • You need to pick someone who is actively participating in the property business. Your property mentor should actively put his/her strategies to use, rather than simply theorize about them.

    • You should ideally have a mentor who is a person of integrity. He/She should be ethical in all their dealings.

    • Pick someone who is extensively experienced in the field. This is essential because if he/she has been dealing in the field for a long time, he/she would have encountered many difficult situations and market conditions.

    • Seek out testimonials or recommendations regarding the person you are considering having as a property mentor. These will give you an idea of the person’s general disposition and agreeableness.

    • Never deal in property with your own mentor as far as possible. Dealing always results in vested interests, and this is not conducive to a mentor-student relationship.

You can find yourself a property mentor in several ways. Ideally, you should explore all these options before narrowing down on one person. You could:

    Ask Friends: If any of your friends are successful property investors, consider asking them to mentor you. If they too are beginners, you could ask them if they have any mentors who they would not mind working with you.

    Internet: Search over the internet to find successful property investors in your area. Then make sure that they have achieved exactly what you wish to achieve, and see that you are comfortable working with them.

    Events: Several networking events take place throughout the year. By attending these, you can find a few people who you think would make good property mentors. Ask them if they are willing to mentor you, and if they do not, offer to work for them free in return for some advice.

    Experts: If you can get in touch with some author of a book, that has helped you, you could ask him/her to offer some advice.

Finally, whoever you finally establish a mentoring relationship with, make sure you feel comfortable talking to them. The communication should be easy, and try to find someone with common goals and interests.

In the long run, your property mentor could turn into one of your closest friends, and this is worth remembering when you look out for a mentor. After all, this is not a situation you have forced yourself into. It should be something you look forward to, and not something you dread doing.

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