UK Property Investment – The Best Time To Start Investing Is Now!

When news hit that the UK and Icelandic banks had gone bust – – there was mass panic.

Then, things became even worse when another announcement talking about the decline in the UK housing market –

So, it is inevitable that the word recession has become a hot topic of discussion –

Are you wondering why we would be saying that now is the best time to invest? Well, keep reading and we will explain.

As a credit crunch begins to take hold on an economy and the housing market prices begin to fall, people start feeling the need to offload their properties as they cannotUk property investment afford to make their mortgage payments anymore.

Due to the fact that people are selling and not as many are buying, the prices begin to plummet and it becomes a market for buyers – not for sellers. In turn, it is possible to pick properties up for well below what they are worth, which is every property investors dream.

On top of this, everyone who has had to sell will still need somewhere to live. The demand for rental properties goes up, and rent prices will often follow. Many property investors buy properties to let, which makes this the perfect opportunity for them.

Below we are including some of the most common excuses that people give for now getting in to property investment now – along with our replies to them:

• It is too expensive to get a mortgage/can’t get a mortgage at this time

    Our Answer: As explained in many property investment courses – such as PropertyMentor – it is very unlikely that a bank will refuse to give you a mortgage, or give you poor rates if you can prove to the bank that you can guarantee that there will be an income coming in from the property.

    In fact, a huge part of the course with Property Mentor is showing people how they can set up a deal that is so appealing to the banks that they can’t refuse, while using very little if any of your own money.

• The economy and housing market in general is just too unstable. I will just hold off until things begin to recover. Or, I will wait until the housing prices come down just a bit more.

    Our Answer: Those who are willing to get in right now are going to be the ones who will see the most benefit. The simple truth is that housing prices will recover, and once that starts to happen, it will move up very quickly. What are the best property investors doing right now? You’re right – they are buying like crazy.

    Just 20 years ago, in 1988, the average house price was just £50k and in the first quarter of 2008, the average price for a house was £180k. That is an increase of £130k – or 360%! If you had that kind of information in 1988, how many properties would you have invested in then? Most likely as many as possible!

    Remember, this increase is despite the housing market crash in the 1990’s ( So, this should indicate that no matter what happens, housing prices always recover.

    The best way to make money from property investing is to buy it cheap and rent it – not sell it straight away. It doesn’t matter if your house loses 10% of its value if you are planning on selling in the next few years because within 5-10 years, it will regain that value plus much more.

    This is a well known fact that is based on a long history of the housing market – and history does repeat itself when it comes to housing prices. In fact, prices for property in the UK will always rise in the long term because of the fact that the UK is an island and is already crowded with a constantly growing population.

• There have been other property investment courses that have gone bust lately, so how can I trust one?

    Our Answer: Unlike many others, Property Mentor doesn’t rely on just one investment strategy. There are 8 strategies that are taught in the course. All 8 strategies won’t work in any market condition – the market will affect how you invest. Property Mentor has been investing in properties for a long time – even before the crash of the 1990’s and they have done very well for themselves.

Now Is In Fact The Perfect Time To Invest In UK Property

Now is the best time to invest in UK propertyWe have always been trying to promote this message, but we are working even harder now to get the message out there.

Unfortunately however, many people listen to the media and take everything they are reporting as fact – when in truth, the media normally only report the details that sell newspapers or get people to watch.

If you go back and look through some of the newspaper headlines that came out during the crash of the 1990’s, you will see much the same as the ones which are around today.

The ones we have listed here are just some of the ones that people use to not invest. The people who choose to wait will regret it, whereas those who take a chance and invest now will see the biggest rewards!

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